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Referral Giveaway


Do you know someone who owns a vehicle?

Do you know someone who lives in and/or owns an apartment, house or condo?

Do you know any business owners?

If you answered yes to ANY of those questions and you are 18 or older, you are eligible to participate in our referral giveaway!




Q – What will I be doing?
A – You will be referring people to our business so they can get insurance through us. There are two ways to do this:

1) The easy way:
Direct them to one of these pages. They will have to fill out their information themselves and submit the quote.

2) The harder, but more direct way:
You will have to collect information from them such as name, date of birth, vehicle info, prior insurance information etc. Then you will enter that information on the applicable quote page on this web site and submit it.

IMPORTANT: At the bottom of the quote page is a box for referral code. MAKE SURE they put your code in or you will NOT get credit for the referral!

If you are going to be collecting their information, here are some quote sheets you can print out and use to have them fill out:

Click To Download Auto Quote Sheet Click To Download Home Quote Sheet (Both files are PDF format)

(Note: We recommend you get their information and input it on the website yourself. This way you can make sure it was submitted in a timely fashion. If you rely on them to do it themselves, they may forget!)

Q – How do I receive a Referral Code?
A – In order to be eligible to receive a prize, you must register for the giveaway (At the bottom of this page). In the registration you get to make up your own Referral code. It can be anything from your first and last name to a random combination of letters and numbers. Make it unique however!

Q – What do I do after I enter their information on the quote page (Or after I have them do it themselves)?
A – After the information is submitted to us, your work is done. Someone at our agency will take care of quoting them with all of our companies, calling the client with the price, and closing the deal. If your referral decides to go with our insurance you will earn a ticket in the upcoming giveaway!

Q- What constitutes as a referral? 
A- Anyone who issues new business through us. You can refer someone to get a quote with us, however if they do not end up issuing a new policy, that is not considered a referral.

Q – Are there any other ways to earn tickets?
A – Yes! If you follow us on Twitter that is worth 2 tickets. If you follow us on Facebook that is also worth 2 tickets. Note: You only receive these additional tickets if you have at least ONE valid referral!

Q – How do I keep track of my referrals?
A – You don’t have to! After you’ve registered and we get their information, we track each and every one of your referrals in our system. At any moment you can email or call us and ask how many referrals you have for the current month.


We hope any questions you may have about this giveaway are answered, but if you are still confused please give us a call or email us. You will be connected with someone who will explain it in more detail.

Good luck!





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